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SmartFees Online Help - Overview

Each function and screen within SmartFees has comprehensive help which can be accessed by selecting a particular topic in the Table of Contents to the left.    Each topic heading contains sub topics which are displayed by clicking on the + (plus) sign to the left of the topic.  Most screen and report topics are generally located within a topic heading relating to a function or screen.   Take time to scroll through the topics to become familiar with the layout.  The Search tab is also very useful, simply enter a keyword and all relevant topics will display.
The How to....... topics could provide help with a certain process.    Print any topics from the Print Version link located at the top of each screen. 
If you need assistance in locating a relevant topic or have an ad hoc support question, email  
Further help can be accessed from these sites:
The MyChild website - Information for Providers and Families link contains helpful industry information. 
The Department's (Department of Social Services) website - Information for Providers link contains the online Child Care Service Handbook.  This handbook provides guidance and assistance to approved child care services operating under the CCMS (Child Care Management System) on how the Australian Government Child Care Support system operates.      
For questions relating to the CCMS or the Child Care Support system email or free call 1300 667 276.
A SmartFees Technical Information document is also available from our website, for help regarding system requirements or network setups.

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